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Hammer Mill

Hammer mills are suitable for high capacity production of fish meal, pet meal, cattle meal, cattle feed, poultry meal and other finely milled materials. Different cycles and capacities are manufactured according to usage area. Cycles are produced between 1400 rpm and 3000 rpm.

The micronized mills have a grinding capacity of 650 mm in diameter, 1000 mm to 1400 mm in width.

The operating speed is 3000 rpm.

Fine grinding hammer mills, high-capacity grinding, high feed quality, low working temperature protect the nutritional value of the feed.

The stone diaphragm + magnet at the mill entrance prevents foreign matter from causing the mill to burst with any damage or spark in the grinding chamber and provides maximum operating safety.


The raw material to be grinded is sent by the mill feed system. In order for the mill to operate safely, the electric motor sends the required  signal to the mill, adjusting the feed system speed according to the electric power it uses.


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