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  • The product is clean in terms of bacteriological, toxicological and pathological. This feature prevents disease agents from infecting healthy animals.

    Effect on digestion and absorption positively: Using high technology from waste product to obtain high quality product and using this product in feed of animals affects the digestive system positively.

    Playing role in animal weight gain in live weight increase: The quality of the nutrient ingredients in the composition affects live weight gain and feed consumption positively.

    Low humidity: 6 months of storage time of product produced with advanced technology provides user storage convenience. Also, the higher the dry matter of the product, the lower the costs of cleaning the feed units.

Extruder principle is to work with herbal feeds (wheat, barley, rye, oats, maize, rice and legumes, chickpeas, soybean, peas) as well as animal feed and dry feed for poultry, pets (cat-dog).

Extruder Systems has section call  “hive” and hive has endless screws arranged one behind the other from the inlet to the outlet. The mixture passing through this section becomes homogeneous, mechanically undergoing chemical change at high temperature and pressure (1400C and 50 Atm).

Within 30-60 seconds of extrusion, the composite loses 70-75% of water and the proteins, starch and oils contained in it are disintegrated under high temperature and pressure, and microorganisms are also destroyed due to these factors.

Extruder Feed Conclusion: It plays a significant role in digestion, milk yield, live weight gain, improvement of meat quality, reduction of mortality due to digestive system diseases.


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