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It is used to cool pellet-shaped feeds hot from the pellet press to ambient temperature. It works according to the air flow principle. The air in the outside is brought into contact with the feed in the coolant, and when the feed temperature falls, the heated air is removed from the medium by the aspiration system.

The cooled feeds are discharged by the discharge system on the cooler. The drainage system is selected as either grate or hydraulic grate depending on the product to be used. The discharge system is adjustable and operates in accordance with the capacity.

The temperature is controlled by the levels on the body. The feed dust in hot air to the aspiration unit is returned to the system with the cyclone. After cooling the pellet becomes hardened. This prevents dusting in the package. In addition, the shelf life is extended because of the appropriate drop of moisture. Single or double layer models are available for the purpose of use.


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